About ATV Farms

ATV Farms is a Canadian wholly-owned family company established by the Agresti family to grow, pack and ship carrots, onions, parsnips, beets and other root vegetables to a number of retail, wholesale and chain stores in Canada, the United States, Caribbean, South America and the United Kingdom.

In 2007, with more than 40 years of experiences, the Agresti Family launched ATV Farms with its main goal to ship the best quality vegetables worldwide. The company is currently located in Holland Landing, Ontario, and operates year round.


At ATV Farms, we are passionate about producing quality vegetables. We pride ourselves on quality and freshness of our products. “We know produce because we grow produce.”

Our Impact
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Our Team

Anthony Agresti President

Email: anthony@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Anthony has an impeccable reputation in the industry and has developed strong relationships with customers, the transportation industry and produce growers. Anthony will focus his efforts on growing, selling, logistics and marketing.

Travis Agresti

Email: travis@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Travis has experience with the wholesale side of the business spending time at the Ontario Food Terminal operating his own business in the farmers market.

Viv Agresti

Email: viv@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Viv has owned and managed very profitably produce businesses for the better part of the past 30 years. Viv has developed and cultivated an extensive customer base and has nurtured loyal customers all over Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. He has also established strong relationships over the years with the best growers in the Bradford Marsh.

Crystal Medeiros

Email: crystal@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Crystal has worked for the Agresti Family for over 12 years now and had extensive experience in many aspects of the Agresti business. Crystal is the Office Manager at ATV Farms and has been instrumental in getting the operation food safety approved. Amongst her many responsibilities Crystal is responsible for Office Administration, Human Resources and Payroll, Food Safety and Health and Safety programs as well as Customer Service, Customs and Production liason.

Braeden Agresti

Email: braeden@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Braeden joins the family operation in sales, transportation and production, He overseas our daily farming operations. Braeden started off working on the farm then the packing house and has worked in all areas of the business. Braeden is currently studying Business and Administration.

Paul Barker

Email: paul@atvfarms.com
Phone: (905) 830-0333

Paul Barker is a Chartered Accountant and has joined the Agresti team to look after all its Financial and Administration needs and responsibilities. Paul has worked in a number of senior financial positions in his career, predominantly in food and packaged goods, and also has senior management experience in marketing, sales and operations. Paul brings to ATV Farms extensive experience in marketing, sales and financial planning, strong analytical and communication skills, banking, treasury and working capital management.

Jillian Agresti

Email: jill@atvfarms.com
Phone: ((905) 830-0333

Jillian has an extensive background in hospitality marketing and pharmaceutical sales which she has now brought to the family business. Her experience in liasing with clients ensures that she is the perfect asset to carry on the intimate relations with current customers and to forge new and lasting ones. Her customer acquisition skills have defined her integrity and led to the natural step in joining the family team.